Nadia Comaneci Biography

Adia Comaneci (Elena Comaneci name) was born November 12, 1961 in Onesti, Romania. She is a Romanian gymnast who won five Olympic medals is considered one of the best gymnasts in the world.
Nadia Comaneci The 2012 Laureus World Sports Awards
Biography and Career:

She first participated in the national championship in 1970 by his hometown team and soon began working with the great coach Bella Karolyi and his wife Martha. At the age of 13 won the European Championship in Norway in 1970, three gold medals and one silver. In the same year the Associated Press calls "sports-woman of the year in Romania."
Nadia Comaneci - Awards Show-2012 Laureus World Sports Awards
In 1976 he became the Summer Olympics in Quebec, Canada in a very big star. Nadia Comaneci successfully to get the best time of 6 time the best mark:10(first in the history of gymnastic) and  

 won 3 gold medals, 1 silver and a bronze one. When she came back in Romania was called "Hero of the Socialistic Labor", and was the youngest person who got that distinction.
After 2 years in which Nadia didn't have other notable results, in 1979 won the 3rd supreme title and was the first gymnast(man or woman) in the history of sport who succeed this performance. In December at the World Championship, although she had an hand's injury she participated and obtained 9.95.

In 1980 At Olympic Games in Moscow Nadia had some problems with the referees who were very influenced by Communist Party in USSR but though she won 2 gold medals and 2 silver.

After this Games she retired and between 1984-1989 was member of Romanian Gymnastic Federation.

In November 1989 Nadia Comaneci emigrated in USA after she crossed the Romanian-Hungarian border illegally. In USA was involved in promotion of sport products.

In 1994 got engaged with Bart Conner and came back in Romania for the first time after she lived her country. In April 1996 she got married with her fiance.
Now she and her husband are the owners of Bart Conner Gymnastic Academy and of some sportive equipment stores and also are editors for International Gymnastic Magazine.

Nadia Comaneci is vice-president of the Director Council of "Special Olympics", honorific president of the Romanian Gymnastic Federation, honorific president of Romanian Olympic Committee and member in Foundation of International Gymnastic Federation.

In December 2003 she published her first book "Letters to a young gymnast".
Why is Nadia Comaneci famous?

Nadia Comaneci is famous because she was the first Romanian gymnast who received a beautiful 10 at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and because she was and still is the best gymnast from the entire world. She is famous because she made only great things like gymnast.

Why do we like Nadia Comaneci?

We like Nadia Comaneci because she is a great woman and a talented gymnast from Romania who received a lot of gold medals and who became the best gymnast from the entire world. We also like her because she is a smart and pretty lady.

Short Info:

Name: Nadia Elena Comaneci
Born place: Onesti, Romania
Born date: November 12, 1961 
Parents: The father Gheorghe and the mother Ştefania-Alexandrina Comaneci
Brothers/Sisters: A younger brother named Adrian
Actual residence: Norman Oklahoma
Eye color: Brown 
Hair color: Brown-light
Height: ' 4" (163 cm)
Nationality: Romanian
Ethnicity: White
Other names: Nadia Comaneci
Spouse: Bart Conner (April 27, 1996-present)
Children: A boy named Dylan
Occupation: Gymnastics
Studies: Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest in 1984

Trivia :

- She married Bart Conner in Spring of 1996. The ceremony was held in her hometown in Romanian at an Eastern Orthodox church.
- At the Montreal Olympics, the scoreboards were not equipped to display scores of 10.0--so Nadia's perfect marks were reported on the boards as 1.00 instead.
- She was the 1976 BBC Sports Personality of the Year in the overseas athletes category.
- She has a son, Dylan Paul Conner.

Quotes :

- "I don't run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet."

- "Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win."

- "It's a new chapter in our lives. I'm happy. It kind of makes my life and Bart's life and our family's lives complete."

Awards :

1976 - Montreal - All-around - Gold
1976 - Montreal - Uneven - Gold 
1976 - Montreal - Balance - Gold 
1976 - Montreal - Team Competition - Silver
1976 - Montreal - Floor exercise - Bronze
1980 - Moscow - Balance beam - Gold 
1980 - Moscow - Floor exercise - Gold
1980 - Moscow - Team competition - Silver
1980 - Moscow - All around - Silver

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