Jennifer Aniston Dons Daisy Dukes, High new role

Jennifer Aniston Dons Daisy Dukes, High new role
Jennifer Aniston sports shorts and a tanktop for new role
We ennifer Aniston role, Miller is 43 years old, revealing lots of skin. According to U.S. Magazine, Jennifer Aniston plays a prostitute in the film, which also stars Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts.
The film centers around a marijuana dealer veteran (Sudeikis) who creates a fake family to get a huge pot shipment from Mexico to the United States Aniston plays a woman Sudeikis false.

A photo of Jennifer Aniston wears a tight white tank top (no bra!), With torn jeans shorts was taken on the filming in Wilmington, North Carolina Aniston later became a checkered shirt and red khaki pants for a scene with Roberts.

Emma Roberts was so excited about the filming of his scene with Jennifer Aniston, he woke up an hour earlier, it never happens. Roberts also called a "dream" to work with the veteran actress.
Jennifer Aniston on the set of "We're the Millers"
Last month, Jennifer Aniston has shot a scene in which she dropped a fake baby wrapped in a blanket on the floor, according to

The dark comedy scheduled for release sometime in 2013. The film will also star Ed Helms, and Office hangover glory, and Kathryn Hahn, who had a brief role in the theme parks and comedy for NBC. Hahn also co-starred with Jennifer Aniston Wanderlust earlier this year.

Before you start shooting the Millers last month, Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, enjoyed a trip to Europe that ended with a five-day trip to the island of Capri. Jennifer Aniston was seen, perhaps preparing for his role, showing her body in a bikini.

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