Paris Hilton is a country that is still hot

Paris Hilton is a country that is still hot

Paris Hilton, who launched the reality while Kim Kardashian sex tapes, fell out of favor with the public around after overexposure mass media. But it is still hot ... Russia.

Absorption heiress 31 years of Hilton Hotels fortune, appears in a photo spread in the Russian edition of GQ. And frankly, it burns like the good old days.

Hilton became famous as a teenager in New York debutante after she appeared in an interview for a magazine at age 16. It was part of a growing number of rich kids, who were famous simply for being famous. It has been hailed as a "head of New York" It Girl "in 2001 by the New York Post.
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His growing reputation has paved the way for his 2003 reality show "The Simple Life" with Nicole Ritchie. His debut drew 13 million viewers, and beats any Kardashian has ever done.

A sex tape soon followed with her then-boyfriend Salomon Rick. He broke into the celebrity stratosphere
ParisHilton russia05 780x1078 Paris Hilton Heats Up Red Square in GQ Russia
Hilton, a high school dropout who later earned a GED, appeared everywhere. For the thin mid-2000s, however, wore their home. The New York Daily News and Associated Press left to hedge its exposure due to its finish.

His fame was almost finished when his 2011 reality show "The World According to Paris" has failed. She tried almost all the entertainment profession, singing and acting for disc jockeys. Their efforts were mocked everyone.

As for his film career, he had small roles in "Zoolander" (2001) "Wonderland" and "The Cat in the Hat" (both 2003). Their only role was in the horror film "Nine Lives". He went straight to video. According to reports, it appears as Sofia Coppola in "The Bling Ring", which will be released later this year.

These days is advertised as an entrepreneur, socialite and fashion. Believe it or not, Hilton has 55 retail stores of Paris Hilton in the world and sells 17 different products-shirts, shoes, perfumes, bags and watches under his name. Earn more than $ 10 million per year, not that she needs money.
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