Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, $8 mil. What she should be asking: $1 mil. She's not a movie star. She's a TV star. Big difference. Most of all, she's not an interesting actress. 

She can't open a movie, and her choice of material is abysmal. Sure, The Break-Up did okay business, but that was because of Vince and in spite of her. 

Soon she'll be lucky to score the next Lifetime movie.

Jerome Boateng was captured in an appointment the hotel late afternoon with a blond model.

Jerome Boateng was captured in an appointment the hotel late afternoon with a blond model.
The former Manchester City ace, now with Bayern Munich, is intended to prepare for Euro 2012 Portugal v Germany opens on Saturday.

However, the father of two has sparked outrage after being rather taken with the former Playboy model Gina Lisa Lohfink-Berlin.

Shhh ... Jerome Boateng, but was captured with Gina Lisa Lohfink-
She said: "Jerome wanted to meet We met at the bar of my hotel around 2 we went to my room, just talking ..."

CESC FABREGAS warms up for Euro 2012 in style — by scoring with gorgeous girlfriend Daniella Semaan.

The Barcelona Process and the star of Spain is taking a break in Ibiza with the brunette stunner before the European Championships starting next month.

All smiles ... Cesc Fabregas hugs girlfriend Daniella Semaan
And Fabregas, 25, could not take his eyes off Semaan, as she showed off her curves in the hot sun
The Arsenal midfielder was used for the first time opponents with his dazzling skills on the field \
But he was under the complete control of Semaan, as he relaxed in the hammocks on the beach.

Spain is drawn in a tough group for the tournament in Poland and Ukraine
They will face Italy, Croatia and the Republic of Ireland in Group C if they are to successfully defend his crown.

But despite chief marksman David Villa misses the tournament through injury, Spain will always be Fernando Torres Fernando Llorente and to call the front up.

Mario’s old flame is chest perfect

The actress was 30 years to see that Manchester City last year and used to date Brazilian legend Ronaldinho.

THE CAMERA LOVES YOU ... the Italian beauty made her film debut in 2008

And here, the chest is in search of beauty bootilicious perfect for a glamorous photo shoot.

MAMMA MIA ... Sara shows off her Italian good looks

Balotelli can be a decent striker, but we recognize sexy Sara is not too bad at the front either.

Jess is an action star

Jess is an action star gunman Total pair look like a force to be reckoned defending themselves against the soldiers chased Farrell Doug Quaid character. In the remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi classic, Farrell plays a worker who begins to think he's a spy, but not sure which side is the United Nations andNew Shanghai Euroamérica battle for supremacy . Sexy Biel plays the prostitute who helped fight many attackers Melinda.  And it seems that Farrell slept with the enemy since his wife Lori is one of them. Kate Beckinsale is in charge of original cast member in the role of Sharon Stone, and another shot of the beauty iscovering his arm around a naked Farrell. Husband Len Wiseman Kate realizedfuturistic thriller of reality and memory. And if these plans are anything to go by,there will be plenty of action to expect.

Octomom porn star first photo is on Twitter

                                   Octomom porn: first photo is on Twitter 

A SNEAK preview shot from 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman's debut porn film has been released on Twitter.

The 36-year-old wearing a thong bikini and black hands and gold sandals, while on a white sofa in the photo, published on the website of porn star Jessica Drake. We revealed last month that Nadya, who became famous after giving birth to eight children at once - at the same time as the mother of six children - was featured in an adult film to pay off debts of more of £ 600,000. 

The Californian said: "All that matters is to take care of my family. "If it's a good paying job, and allows me to enter a safe house they deserve, I will." And Drake, who says his coach, the image of Twitter with the message: "Who is this star?".

 Then it was confirmed that "Nadya Suleman AKA Octomom on its entire XXX movie." After responding to the suggestions have been affected in the image to which she replied: "It's not photoshopped ... great lighting, style and amazing photographer, I swear.".

Gwyneth Paltrow coos Under Fire After N-Word

Gwyneth Paltrow coos Under Fire After N-Word
Gwyneth Paltrow is in unfamiliar territory: In the center of a conflict.

The normally soft tapioca "Iron Man" actress has been under fire after tweeting a racial slur.

Paltrow controversial moment came when his Twitter a picture of his stage withJay-and Kanye West in concert in Paris Bercy partner, France this weekend.

She refers to the title of a Jay-Z and West, but still - the use of insulting Paltrowanger many in the Internet.
"You are near a 40 y / o female, white, c'mon you should know better," said onecommentator Paltrow Twitter account.

"It is wrong and right," lamented one critic.

Catch the wind of the disease that had created, Gwyneth tried to explain in afollow-up tweet.

"Levante. Is the title of the song!the actress wrote.

Perhaps. However, Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have hit a sour note with yourtweet.

Paltrow's spokesman had no comment to The Wrap.
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