Justin Bieber vs. Paparazzi: Who is to blame for the high speed pursuit?

Justin Bieber vs. Paparazzi: Who is to blame for the high speed pursuit?
It's time to play the blame game.

Like most fans probably already know gossip, Justin Bieber was arrested by police in Los Angeles last Friday because he was speeding down the 101. It was just the latest brush with the young star of the road with the law, too.

However, several witnesses confirmed that the paparazzi were everywhere car Bieber, 911 Justin vocation shortly after his ticket and do everything possible to alert authorities to the situation.

"It was a situation of Princess Diana," an insider said California Highway Patrol TMZ about the incident, referring to the tragedy of 1997 in which the true beauty of the limousine crashed and died trying to evade photographers. "It was not the fault Bieber."

However, others within the department cited the irresponsible actions of Bieber, said the site could simply leave the motorway.

"It's like running a woman in hospital who is about to give birth," said a source. "You can not endanger the lives of innocent people, and made Bieber."

Whose side are you on this blame game?

team Bieber
team Paparazzi

Octomom sued by rescue Strip Club Gig

Octomom sued by rescue Strip Club Gig

Following Octomom Nadya Suleman's decision not to show any T & A at the club, Hall T continues its make, sure she does not take their assets elsewhere.

Hall T wants at least $ 15,000 penalty for hiring after losing, Nadya Suleman to compete with the Knight Playboy Club in Hollywood, Florida, which has its "services" after rescued last month bluntly T.

The damage is real, "indeterminate," laments the suit ... $ 15K, but it will.

Octomom bailed on the show amid rumors of strippers T garbage, he said. The club denies it, but whatever it is, can not be removed in the area of at least 90 days.

In addition, the trial, his contract stipulates that must give 35 days notice if it intends to cancel, and gave them 34 before leaving.

"It's so important to be the first to have it," said owner Gary T Odle of The Palm Beach Post. "With this kind of thing should be the first out of the box."

Probably the justification for accelerating Wicked Pictures Octomom porn.

Unless a court order, or hornballs passersby can always go to the Lord Playboy Club on Friday to "see Octomom delete", or if their ads say.

Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie: Baby2Baby Girls

Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie: Baby2Baby Girls

Both are proud mothers, and last night (April 20) 

Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie were spotted at the 

event in West Hollywood Baby2Baby.

The "Fantastic Four" and the star of "Simple Life" babe seemed to enjoy their time together at the Palihouse Holloway and were more than happy to pose for the paparazzi.

In the race again, Jessica is the star of a new official film still photograph of her children who are popular "Spy Kids 4."

In the film, Jessica plays the wife of a television journalist and mother of the spy game of two who is a retired spy herself. It hits theaters on August 19

Show Lachey Vanessa excited about big bump, naked baby

Show Lachey Vanessa excited about big bump, naked baby
Showing his growing family, Vanessa Minnillo Lachey happily shared a photo of your stomach on Wednesday afternoon (July 25).

The beauty of Twitter 31 years a picture bare stomach and her husband Nick Lachey, adding the title, "My happiness ... My family! Ahhh, boys! (Wookie included)

The couple loved baby expected in late summer or early fall and recently told People that have chosen a name.

"We were there around the house screaming. Nick and I love it," said Vanessa. "We will tell you first, then present to the world after he knows his name."

Hilary Duff Awesome Sunset Towers Arrival New Style

Hilary Duff HairHilary Duff HairHilary Duff ClothesHilary Duff Clothes
Hilary Duff Awesome Sunset Towers Arrival
Meeting with friends, Hilary Duff was spotted arriving at Sunset Towers in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (July 25).

  Hilary Duff Shoes

The star of 24 years, got a set of perfect summer night fishing with a few keys and pants to enter the place of luxury for a girls night.

In other news of the race, the blonde bombshell has recently published an excerpt from his latest novel "real" tweets "Hey guys check this link to see the cover and read a chapter in my forthcoming book indeed!"
Hilary Duff ClothesHilary Duff ClothesHilary Duff ClothesHilary Duff ShoesHilary Duff ClothesHilary Duff Shoes
Third installment of the Miss Duff's "Elixir" trilogy has not reached the shelves until April 16, 2013, but avid fans can take a look at the entertainment weekly of life.

Lindsay Lohan Shopping Spree Chanel Chic

Lindsay Lohan Shopping Spree Chanel Chic
High-end shopping, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the Chanel store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills today (July 25).

The actress of 26 years in the difficulty seems serious in his black blazer, black wide-brimmed hat and big Chanel sunglasses, as she got into her car.

Although television movie redhead to come, "Liz and Dick," which starred screen legend Elizabeth Taylor, is in post-production, Lohan has her eye on another project.

As recently reported GossipCenter, the "Mean Girls" star of Twitter, "Jennifer Lawrence in" The Hunger Games "is a genius. What I Thelma & Louise w / her, but wing Natural Born Killers (the style of the clock) 2 - girls 2 boys. "
The 1991 blockbuster has played Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in Arkansas waitress and housewife who want to leave their humdrum lives and take off in a '66 Thunderbird convertible.

Oxygen, adds Maria Menounos Docuseries faucets, Pete Wentz for "Best Ink"

Oxygen is continuing its foray into original programming, following the green lights docuseries Maria Menounos.

'Dancing with Stars': Maria Menounos Quickstep agreement with 2 broken ribs

Maria Menounos joins 'Extra', signs deal with Telepictures Production
Wednesday Web younger bias uses its platform on a summer tour of the Television Critics Association press information proclaim their growth in the population of women 18-34 and reveal the title revolving around self-protection because it makes games juggling his hosting duties, dancing with stars of the WWE promises all the time navigating rich personal life.

Outside of work and many activities, Menounos has equally demanding family life with her partner of 14 years to talk of marriage and traditional Greek parents who want grandchildren. Untitled series will be produced and left / right and Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver board and executive producer Angie Day with Kevin Undergaro Menounos. Oxygen will be beaten next year's series.

In addition, oxygen has taken advantage of Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz to host the second season of the best tattoo ink docuseries, which will take the contestants through the competition.
"High-profile celebrities, provocative themes and story lines are the drivers behind the increased oxygen aspirational original programming," said SVP of oxygen Rod Aissa. "Our mission is to develop projects in this position is correct to a wide range of entertainment that speaks to our younger audience."
As part of its plan to strengthen its line of Tuesday - which now has its buzzy entry Glee Project - Oxygen will docuseries My shopping addiction on Tuesday, September 25 to 10 and unzipped his hands: stylist of 27 November by the war at 10:00

Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner to cheating on Todd Waterman?

Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner to cheating on Todd Waterman?
Kris and Bruce Jenner has much to celebrate with the arrival of baby Kourtney Kardashian this week, but a new report shows that are on the rocks.

The pair of 21-year marriage is "on the verge of collapse," according to the National Enquirer, after flirting with Kris took Bruce Todd Waterman.

Waterman, of course, it is the woman who had an affair with while married to the late Robert Kardashian, and recently contacted again.

This was documented in the current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but Kris seemed to have cut off contact. No, says the Enquirer.

62 years, Bruce was devastated when it was revealed in the composition of an e-mail to your ex, then join him for a secret rendezvous.

"She told anyone, but go out with Todd, and was an electrifying moment," said an insider with the gift of superlatives, and Kris Jenner scoop.

"Kris left the restaurant where he met to look like the cat that ate the canary. It's so obvious that she still carries a torch for him."

After being arrested for signing a "xoxo" in Waterman, Kris apologized, saying he needed closure, but Bruce was not to buy and left.

"He believes," Once a cheater, always a cheater. "He can not believe that Kris had the audacity to keep in touch with Todd," said the friend.

"Cheating is a stumbling block for him, so that their marriage is about.

Tom Cruise SLAMS National Enquirer "House of Horrors" History, requires the elimination or ELSE

Tom Cruise SLAMS National Enquirer "House of Horrors" History, requires the elimination or ELSE

Tom Cruise's lawyer, Bert Fields, requires that the National Enquirer and its parent, the average American, retract its new cover story that the actor is simply to divorce Katie Holmes, or face a defamation lawsuit epic proportions .

Among the sordid accusations otherwise, the magazine says Tom Cruise's house was like a "house of horrors" and that his former wife, Holmes, had a life "tortured" in a marriage that was a "nightmare" in total isolation for years.

The fields will be completely out of what he said was a "sordid and shameful coverage with fake degrees, reds and yellows that herald a cruel lie after another about Mr. Cruise and his family" and disassembly followed, one by one:

"Contrary to its title, Mr. Cruise has not committed an" abuse "or" humiliation "of Katie Holmes," he wrote. "He never submitted to all problems."

"It is totally false to say that Mr. Cruise never subjected his wife to the constant verbal abuse, emotional pain, humiliation and intimidation."

"These are all lies. He did nothing of these things."

Heidi Klum poses nude for life Project Runway

Heidi Klum poses nude for life Project Runway

Heidi Klum to promote simplified the ninth season of Project Runway. In this ad for the reality TV life with nothing but a tiny pink tie has been cut in half, with the great slogan of Tim Gunn Run engraved on his arm. "It's certainly sexier than the previous seasons, we took Project Runway," Klum said in a statement. "I guess you could say" Hans and Franz celebrates the season 9! "

Scarlett Johansson Hacker Pleads Guilty

Scarlett Johansson Hacker Pleads Guilty

A man accused of piracy in Florida mail accounts over 50 celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis, pleaded guilty. Christopher Chaney, 35, faces up to 60 years in prison and $ 2.5 million in fines and restitution after entering a guilty plea to charges of unauthorized computer access wiretapping and others.;

 He was finally captured after a 11-month investigation the FBI dubbed "Operation Hackerazzi" but pleaded not guilty in November 2011. He was remanded in custody (03/26/12) hearing yesterday in Los Angeles and will be sentenced July 23.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Wild Sex Life

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson and Kristen SteRobert maintain their relationship in the lower part, but their sex life is wild and rocking. It's almost an open, according to a new tabloid report.

The details are about to be exposed in a new book reveals. Believe it?

"It will be a very juicy read," a source tells OK! magazine, one of the tabloid gossip less reliable on the newsstand.

"A big problem is how they came together. Rob essentially stolen from a first love Kristen, [the actor] Michael Angarano, and is used castmate Nikki Reed on the way.

"When Rob saw that Kristen could not go to Nikki - but has never ceased to pursue the lady really wanted," says the source.

Rob and Kristen have a secret life as seemingly crazy sex, "according to HollywoodLife, which basically regurgitates the story without the slightest effort to support them.

"They are very sexually liberated - there were even suggestions that were in an open relationship, so they can get," says a source told the magazine. "And, of course, his love for the party could be a problem. The book could get to the bottom of all the rumors once and for all."

Unfortunately, the article does not mention the author or publisher. With regard to your sex life, how can we know that, except the two people in the room? And so wild and crazy, it seems unlikely to have escaped so far?

The lives of the safest sex, but if you have triplets or attend orgies, the ghost writer will struggle to get the facts. But this is not a problem for the sex life or wildlife exposed HollywoodLife.wart OK!

The Madonna Points Gun to Head on Stageshow in London

Madonna says gun to his head on stage in London
Madonna. He is a revolutionary artist, provocateur? Aging or act desperate for attention?

This question has been raised in the last week of the couple, as the Material Girl has been generally on stage at various festivals.

He mooned the crowd in Rome. Deliberately slipped nip Istanbul. She cried in Berlin. He faces a swastika intermittent demand in the face of a politician in Paris.

And last night in London, drew a pistol and pointed it at his head on the single "Gang Bang".

Madonna, Gun to Head

Following the controversy over the recent spread of Lindsay Lohan gunman - national suicide hotline that refers to the act, as "very irresponsible" individuals on the basis of the trigger problems in real life that is safe to assume that Madonna now also under fire for his bravery.

Should she? What do you make of This gesture loaded?

It's all in good fun!
It's a lame cry for attention!
It's an irresponsible stunt!
View Poll

Kerry Kennedy has complained to DUI arrest ( Celebrity Scandals )

Kerry Kennedy has complained to DUI arrest

Kerry Kennedy was arrested for driving under the influence of the July 13, but the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy has vowed alcohol played no role in what struck a tractor-trailer.

Seen in the North Castle Town Court last night, Kennedy was denied, and then addressed the media, based on claims that it has no field sobriety tests range.

Kennedy said toxicology tests showed "no alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription drug in my system", but neurological tests to clear the area of ​​hyper-density "in his brain.

"This was not an accident is caused by sleeping pills, but the shock of complex discrimination," Kennedy said, adding that the area above is the result of old injury.

Kennedy will be back in court in August

RIHANNA Lance Bodyguard Punch KO in a Pap

Lance Bodyguard Punch KO in a Pap

Keep your eyes on the man PMaddition the great bald head ... That of trying to clear space in front of the tower was to smear Rihanna While the nightclub Whisky Mist.

The bodyguard was no mood of things to talk to the photographer of ... sac there to blow That sent the shutterbug out of combat. It is not known if the pap is Never been lifted.

Rihanna Lose the action - there was in his car when it was launched the coup de grace.

Bra-less Sharon Stone arrives on the red carpet

Bra-less Sharon Stone arrives on the red carpet at the Top See-thru!
Sharon Stone showed her bits 54-year-old woman on the red carpet last night - and we doubt a "wardrobe malfunction."

"Basic Instinct" actress, who always wanted to show her body and went braless for the presentation of leadership amfAR Thursday Night in Paris - while wearing a see-up of her breasts fully exposed.

Indeed, he is in Europe and the stars, yet beautiful than ever have become a common ... but you think the team is sexy or tacky?

And looking at the stars above who are not former gallery above!

Tiki Barber marries Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber EDS again!

Tiki Barber's wife, Traci Lynn Johnson
Tiki Barber is out of business ... longer. The former footballer married Traci Lynn Johnson Thursday, July 19 in New York. "Many thanks to the clerk's office of the City of New York, especially James Mitchell, who married me and my love for Traci Lynn Johnson excited about the last chapters ..." She wrote on Twitter. It also includes photos of his wife. "Now that my wife, Ms.

Traci Lynn Johnson!" Read your comments. "We are married Tiki Barber!" Johnson has also written and photos of their wedding the bride wore a white lace dress rings.The Sue Wong and Louis Vuitton heels ceremony.Back in 2010, Barber left his wife Ginny Cha, while she was pregnant with twins . Rumors had begun with Traci Lynn Johnson, who was an intern at NBC and to support their children. "We were just friends when I was still married to have separated from my house., It was not until then, we have taken things to the next level," Barber denies that year. In addition, Johnson has confirmed that Barber began dating after his left Cha wife.Barber and have four children: two sons, AJ, 10, and Chason, 8, and twin daughters.
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