Tiki Barber marries Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber EDS again!

Tiki Barber's wife, Traci Lynn Johnson
Tiki Barber is out of business ... longer. The former footballer married Traci Lynn Johnson Thursday, July 19 in New York. "Many thanks to the clerk's office of the City of New York, especially James Mitchell, who married me and my love for Traci Lynn Johnson excited about the last chapters ..." She wrote on Twitter. It also includes photos of his wife. "Now that my wife, Ms.

Traci Lynn Johnson!" Read your comments. "We are married Tiki Barber!" Johnson has also written and photos of their wedding the bride wore a white lace dress rings.The Sue Wong and Louis Vuitton heels ceremony.Back in 2010, Barber left his wife Ginny Cha, while she was pregnant with twins . Rumors had begun with Traci Lynn Johnson, who was an intern at NBC and to support their children. "We were just friends when I was still married to have separated from my house., It was not until then, we have taken things to the next level," Barber denies that year. In addition, Johnson has confirmed that Barber began dating after his left Cha wife.Barber and have four children: two sons, AJ, 10, and Chason, 8, and twin daughters.

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