The Madonna Points Gun to Head on Stageshow in London

Madonna says gun to his head on stage in London
Madonna. He is a revolutionary artist, provocateur? Aging or act desperate for attention?

This question has been raised in the last week of the couple, as the Material Girl has been generally on stage at various festivals.

He mooned the crowd in Rome. Deliberately slipped nip Istanbul. She cried in Berlin. He faces a swastika intermittent demand in the face of a politician in Paris.

And last night in London, drew a pistol and pointed it at his head on the single "Gang Bang".

Madonna, Gun to Head

Following the controversy over the recent spread of Lindsay Lohan gunman - national suicide hotline that refers to the act, as "very irresponsible" individuals on the basis of the trigger problems in real life that is safe to assume that Madonna now also under fire for his bravery.

Should she? What do you make of This gesture loaded?

It's all in good fun!
It's a lame cry for attention!
It's an irresponsible stunt!
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