James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace

James Bond is backI mean the real James Bond 007not replicatedSome washed from the eighties for a walk around with his gadgetsI hadnews to share about the upcoming filmQuantum of Solace.
Took us back Casino Royale Bond successfully to a darker and rougherIanFlemming is closer to the original visionas I believeQuantum of Solaceback weitere events, as far as to take the quotes from James Bond filmsand other STI Story .
Her PhotographsThe death of one of the main characters is a direct quote in the shot Goldfinger's most iconicwhere JillMasterson was left covered with dead gold paint
Here, the fields of the agent is covered in oil. Gemma Arterton said she could not movecould not seecould not breathe or hear because the oil is in its earsWe leave the question What drama school taught him to breathe through his ears?

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