Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in Los Angeles. His Greek father, John (whose real name is Yannis Anastassakis) had been brought to the United States when he was 10 years and was an actor, star of the television series "Combat!" And "I Spy" and his mother, Nancy, was also an actress.

With the passing of John in "Days of our Lives, the longest running NBC SOAP ended in 1970, like its stable income and yes, when Aniston was five, who took the family back to his hometown Athens, in order to train for a medical profession. The Anistons remained in Greece for a year until a call from his agent saw John return to New York with the family to participate in three years, "Love of Life".
But this success has revived coincided with Aniston's parents divorced in 1978, when he was nine. To join them, she started playing at school - the famous school of Rudolf Steiner, known for its strict policies, hoping that her parents would be forced together when he called the office of! Despite the lack in the player when it came to education, Aniston reveled in his time in the drama club and after catching an episode of "Fame" on television, she knew her fate was in career, going to register for life "real" fame, New York School of Performing Arts.
Graduated in 1987, Aniston has decided not to go to college and began working as a waitress in Hollywood, while auditioning for roles. His role on TV for the first time in 1990 in the comedy series "Molloy" and next to it had a longer adjustment over in very panoramic view of the hit movie, "All in a day." Luck was not Meanwhile, after winning several roles in what happened to be a succession of programs canceled and for a time thought of giving up acting altogether.

But destiny to save her when she auditioned for a successful sitcom called "Friends Like These". Originally asked him to play the character of Monica Geller, convinced the producers that is best suited to the part of Rachel Green. The hearing was successful and in 1994, the first episode of the shorter title, "Friends" aired. The rest is history as they say and Aniston play the role of Rachel in the next ten years, propelled to celebrity name-list and lose a stone and a half weight in the process.
Like his fellow cast members, Jennifer Aniston wanted to use their free time to pursue his film career, but first I thought he had never taken very project of his right to push beyond recognition as Rachel. "She's The One" (1996) was followed by "Picture Perfect" (1997), but both were entertaining in a "night of DVD" kind of way, both come and go without criticism even blink.

But until your love life seemed to be intensified. After spending two years living with actor Tate Donovan, split in 1998 he and his agent thought it would be good for their implementation on a blind date - which emerged as Brad Pitt. Two years later, the couple married in a $ 1 million ceremony in Malibu, where Aniston was reportedly promised to favorite Banana Split Pitt and Pitt promised to maintain balance on the thermostat.
But the end of their marriage was sealed when Pitt started filming "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" movie in 2005 with the infamous daughter, Angelina Jolie. Despite being papped on holiday in the Caribbean with "Friends" friend Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette in January 2005, a few days later, Aniston announced their separation from Pitt.
In October, their divorce was finalized and the media speculation was rife on why the hottest couple of Hollywood decided to separate. Some titles Aniston says that the refusal to have children has created a gap between them, but she vehemently denied. And in 2006, Jolie came clean that she and Brad Pitt fell in love while filming "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", and despite denying the charges, and he was "married to his best friend," along public has about their relationship is not long after her divorce and stayed with his offspring and extended to six children (three adopted) at last count.
Although publicly broke up, Jennifer Aniston refused to hide and wallow in self pity. His career had been a hiatus since starring turn in 2002 low-budget film "The Good Girl", which was a surprise success - take $ 14 million at the box office and show their talent as "serious" actress. She also won her first Emmy (after two previous nominations in the run) in 2002 for Best Actress in a Comedy Series and received critical acclaim in "Bruce Almighty" with Jim Carrey (2003). Not only, but after starting at $ 35,000 per episode healthy for the first series of 'Friends', your paycheck last season in 2004 amounted to a large $ 1 million.
Pitt may have been the girl, take two, but Aniston has won over fans through his firm resolve not to play the bitter ex-wife. His career was going well - a tour in 2006, "The Break Up" has led to blockbuster and even a brief affair with her co-star Vince Vaughn, Aniston describes how to make their "return to life "after his divorce.
It continues with a look also made "Marley & Me" in 2008, which was a commercial success, grossing more than $ 242 million a budget of only $ 10 million. Moreover, the film co-star Owen Wilson also set the largest Christmas Day box office ever after reaching $ 14.75 million in ticket sales.
Encouraged by the success of the film, Jennifer Aniston starred alongside a cast including Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson in the 2009 romantic comedy "He's Just Not That Into You", an Other commercial success.The same year also saw him appear in "Love Happens" with Aaron Eckhart, and "Management", his first job as executive producer.
In 2010, Aniston has teamed up with Scottish actor Gerard Butler on 'The Bounty Hunter "which, despite the very negative critical reception, did well at the box office.' Switch ', as is the case, was his next effort, and the film received mixed reviews from critics. has been busy lately and is forthcoming in "Just Go With It," "Wanderlust" and Horrible Bosses' in 2011.
In an interview with Justin Theroux, Jennifer co-star in "Wanderlust", the actor who appears next to the 42-year raved.
He described the experience of working with award-winning actress as "unbelievable" and describes it as "fantastic, the smartest woman I know."
Theroux went on to explain that Jennifer could make your smoothies full of antioxidants cranberries when he caught a cold on the set, and Chinese herbs give it "the blues".
Jennifer is almost as famous for her beauty, not to mention the Rachel haircut, as it is for his work as an actress, and revealed a recent interview with his trainer in Glamour magazine some of the secrets of the body of the star .
Mandy Ingber, Aniston's trainer, explained that "flow yoga" with the actress, who "is often moving and holding various poses."
He explained that this is then interspersed with toning exercises like leg lifts, squats and splits.
Aniston told herself she was accused of being too thin and too heavy at various points in his career, so their philosophy is to "stop trying to please all the world."
One of the richest women in the entertainment industry, according to Forbes magazine, Aniston has not only won a Golden Globe, but also collected 22 gongs and 44 nominations of others during his career. His strength and determination have shown that will always remain one step ahead - what the world throws at her and she is probably one of the most respected actresses and the biggest gain in Hollywood.

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